BRT was organized in 2005 by President Bridget Hodgson.  After a number of successful projects and training seminars,  BRT incorporated in June 2007 in order to better serve its clients. Areas of specialty include:

  • Training & Education for Railways – with emphasis in maintenance of way, operations (transportation), and command & emergency management.
  • Technical Report Writing & Editing as well as Spanish and Italian Translation Services.
  • Systems Safety / System Security with a focus on incident avoidance on passenger railways.
  • Maintenance of Way – Including training of first line supervisors, and training in regulatory requirements.
  • Operations  Analysis  /  Systems  Integration  &  Assurance  with  special  emphasis  on  the  development  of  Operational Requirements, documents, and the management of the relationship between operational performance and systems design.

Overview of Selected Jobs

  • NYS & W. “Bergen-Passaic Rail.” Performed Systems Assurance reviews of 30 % designs of a new start commuter rail service on an existing freight railroad.
  • Virginia Railway Express. “Professional Training and Education.” Developed and implemented course material and lesson plans for “Lunch and Learns” for staff.
  • Iowa Interstate Railroad. Developed the Operating Plan and FRA briefing package for use of the Prairie City Branch as an industrial site for re-fitting of Light Rail cars.

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